Let the beer flow

Our 8 signature beers are available year round in our tap room, at restaurants and retail outlets throughout the Rio Grande Valley, and local HEBs. 

To learn more about our individual beers, please click on their images below. 


Amber Lager

Cha Cha

Blonde Ale

Del Valle

Light Lager

El 956

India Pale Ale

El Zumo

New England India Pale Ale

La Jefa

Bavarian Style Hefeweizen

Tres Flores

India Pale Ale

VAlley Vibe

Kettle Sours

Our kettle sour beers were inspired by traditional German methods of souring beers. We add a strain of Lactobacillus bacteria to the kettle in order to sour the wort during the brewing process. The addition of different fruit purees balances out the tartness resulting in beers that are bursting with flavor.

The Big Dill

Kettle Sour


Kettle Sour

Mango, Peach, Passion Fruit

Kettle Sour

Watermelon, Tamarind, Cucumber

Kettle Sour

VAlley Vibe

Milkshake IPAS

Milkshake IPAs are sub-styles of New England-style IPAs that are bursting with fruit additions, unfermentable sugars, and adjuncts such as vanilla. This creates a sweet and creamy, full-bodied, hazy beer unique in appearance and flavor. 

Pineapple Milkshake

Milkshake IPA

Orange Creamsicle Ale

Milkshake IPA

Holiday Beer

The highlight of the year is the release of our holiday beers available October through December.

Intemperance Barrel Aged Beer

Intemperance Barrel Aged Stout is made with three types of dark roasted malts, oats, and lactose. The brew is then transferred into freshly emptied oak bourbon barrels and aged to perfection. The result is a rich blend of complex malt and charred oak flavors complimented with just the right amount of sweetness and a delightfully warm, boozy finish. 


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